What We Offer


A Place To Belong

Everyone needs a physical place that they can call home and the same applies to your spiritual life. And that's why Jesus created the local Church ("Ekklesia" in Greek). The local Church is a gathering of believers that have come together as a family for the purpose of glorifying God, learning the Bible, encouraging one another, and sharing the love of God with their community. Jesus created the local church and gave Pastors (Ephesians 4:11) to look after a member's spiritual needs.  

A Better Way Of Life

At Word Alive Bible Church, it is our desire is to show you a better way of life through Jesus Christ. The world has many things to offer people today, but through a life lived by faith in Jesus Christ, you can experience life to its fullest. Our goal is to teach people who they are and what they have in Christ. To teach them how to live by faith, walk in God's love, and experience the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit. Living this way is truly a better way of life. 

A Place To Serve

We have many areas that you can get involved in here at Word Alive. God has placed gifts inside all of us to be used for His glory. Serving others is what Christ came to do. Together, with the volunteers at Word Alive, we are truly changing lives all over our area and showing people a better way of life. 

A Place To Grow

Word Alive has a fully accredited Bible School called Life Christian Bible Institute. We are affiliated with Life Christian University based in Tampa, FL.  The school allows believers to obtain degrees in theological studies at an affordable rate and an obtainable schedule and pace.